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Part Two: Editing in iMovie - Pg. 95

Tip: The Full Screen button doesn't play your movie back from the beginning. Instead, it plays back from the location of the Playhead. If you do want to play in full-screen mode from the beginning, press the Home key (or click the Home button just to the left of the Play button) before clicking the Play Full Screen button. Getting into iMovie · Scrubber bar. This special scroll bar lets you jump anywhere in one piece of foot- age, or the entire movie. · Playhead. The Playhead is like the little box handle, or thumb, of a normal scroll bar. It shows exactly where you are in the footage. · Volume slider. To adjust your speaker volume as you work, click anywhere in the slider's "track" to make the knob jump there. (Keep in mind that you can also boost the Mac's overall speaker volume by pressing the volume keys on the keyboard, using the volume slider in your menu bar, or using the Sound panel in System Preferences.) · Project Trash. You can drag any clip onto this icon to get rid of it. (Or just highlight a clip and press the Delete key.) · Free space. This indicator lets you know how full your hard drive is. In the world