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· iMovie HD is a Mac OS X­only program. As a result, you gain a huge perk: Your Mac doesn't have to devote every atom of its energy to capturing video. While the importing is going on, you're free to open other programs, surf the Web, crunch some numbers, organize your pictures in iPhoto, or whatever you like. The Mac continues to give processor priority to capturing video, so your other programs may act a little drugged. But this impressive multitasking feat still means that you can get meaningful work or reading done while you're dumping your footage into iMovie in the background. If you click Import (or press the Space bar) a second time, the tape continues to roll, but iMovie stops gulping down footage to your hard drive. Your camcorder continues to play. You've just captured your frst clip(s). Automatic scene detection If you let the tape continue to roll, you'll notice a handy iMovie feature at work. Each time a new scene begins, a new clip icon appears in the Clips pane. The Clips pane scrolls as much as necessary to hold the imported clips. What iMovie is actually doing is studying the date and time stamp that DV camcord- ers record into every frame of video. When iMovie detects a break in time, it assumes that you stopped recording, if only for a moment, and therefore that the next piece of Importing Camcorder Footage