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Notes on DV Tapes The Protect-Tape Tab In the old days of audiocassettes and VHS tapes, you could prevent an important recording from being accidentally erased by a clueless family member. You simply had to pry out or break off a tiny, plastic, square "protect" tab on the top edge of the cassette. Doing so left a hole that prevented the recorder from recording. The trouble with that system, of course, was if you changed your mind, the only way you could "unlock" the tape to permit recording again was to cover the little hole with a piece of tape. This tape trick was an inelegant solution, and often a risky one, because tape peeling off inside a VCR was a one-way ticket to the repair shop. DV and Hi-8 cassettes (for Digital8 fans) are far more sophisticated. They have a sliding shutter that covers the "can't record" hole (see Figure 11-4), making it much easier to prevent recording on a particular tape and then change your mind. Note: The record-lock tab on Digital8 (Hi-8) tapes works backwards from mini-DV cassettes. The little red slider covers the hole to prevent recording, and must be open to record. Figure 11-4: You need a sharp fngernail, pocket