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Notes on DV Tapes Notes on DV Tapes As noted in Chapter 1, DV cassettes present the promise of immortality for your video. Because you can transfer the footage nearly indefnitely from camcorder to computer (or to camcorder) without ever losing quality, there's no reason your footage can't stick around forever. The tapes themselves are not immortal, however. Although you can record and rere- cord them dozens of times, you can't do so indefnitely, as most people assume. You'll know when a particular cassette is starting to go when you begin to notice dropouts in the video--pops in the picture, tiny rectangular pixels of the wrong color. At that point, it's time to retire that cassette. Tip: Following the advice on the little set of label stickers that comes in each tiny DV cassette box will delay this cassette death as long as possible. It recommends that you keep the tapes in their boxes, away from dust, heat, magnets, electricity, marauding children, and so on. Here are a few other cassette pointers that may surprise you: The Two-Cassette System Consider conceiving of each iMovie project as a two-cassette affair. Designate one