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First to DV Tape, Then to VCR > First to DV Tape, Then to VCR - Pg. 280

Transferring Footage to Tape If your project contains certain special effects, iMovie takes this opportunity to say "Your movie contains still, slow motion, and/or reverse clips which need to be rendered for export to iDVD or tape." In that case, click "Render and Proceed." You're instructing iMovie to generate smoother, more professional looking ver- sions of these scenes--not the quick-and-dirty, temporary ones it's been showing you during editing. Either way, after a moment, iMovie commands the camcorder to begin recording, and then begins pumping your fnished video over the FireWire cable to the tape, from the very beginning of the movie (Figure 11-3). (There's no way to begin playing from the middle of your movie.) While this process is taking place, you might want to open the LCD panel on the camcorder so that you can watch the transfer and listen to the audio. iMovie plays Figure 11-3: While iMovie sends your fnished pro- duction back to the camcorder from whence it came, a progress bar shows how much longer you have to wait. Also, you see the playhead ride along