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To Offload Footage from Your Mac > To Offload Footage from Your Mac - Pg. 277

·RFmodulator.If your TV doesn't even have that connector, it probably has two screws to which you can attach a "rabbit ears" antenna. You can buy an adapter called an RF modulator for this kind of connector, too. ·Special patch cable. Most camcorder models (including those from Sony and Canon) come with a special input/output cable with RCA or component con- nectors at one end and a special miniplug at the camcorder end (see Figure 11-1, bottom). Plug this skinny end into the appropriate camcorder jack, often labeled "Audio/Video ID2" or "AV In/Out." Why Export to Tape To Transfer It to Your VCR The glorious thing about DV tape, of course, is that its picture quality and sound quality are sensational. Unfortunately, most of the world's citizens don't have DV camcorders or DV decks. They have standard VHS VCRs or DVD players. Chapters 15 and 16 guide you through turning iMovie masterpieces into DVDs--but that's a stunt you can pull off only if your Mac has a built-in DVD burner. For every- one else, the best way to get your movies to the TV screens of your adoring fans is to transfer them (the movies, not the fans) to VHS cassettes. You lose a lot of picture and sound quality when you transfer footage to a VHS cas- sette, whose lines-of-resolution capacity is lower than any other kind of tape repro-