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Why Export to Tape and they must be connected to matching inputs on a high-end (if not high-defni- tion) TV. You'll have to use an additional cable for audio (RCA cables). ·S-video.If both your camcorder and your VCR or TV have S-video connectors, use an S-video cable to join the two (see Figure 11-1). You'll still have to use the red- and white-ended RCA cables for the audio. ·RCAcables.Most TVs and VCRs don't have S-video connectors, but almost all have RCA phono jacks, usually labeled Audio In and Video In. Connect them to the double- or triple-ended cable that came with the camcorder, like the one shown in Figure 11-1. (If it has three connectors at each end, the yellow one is for the video signal, and the red and white ends are for left and right stereo sound.) Tip: If your TV is very old, it may not have auxiliary input jacks. In this case, plug your camcorder into the VCR's auxiliary inputs instead. It will patch the signal through to the TV. Figure 11-1: Most camcorders come with a special, proprietary cable. The miniplug end goes into a special output jack on the camcorder; the far ends are RCA cables