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Parallel cutting When you're making a movie that tells a story, it's sometimes fun to use parallel editing or intercutting. That's when you show two trains of action simultaneously; you keep cutting back and forth to show the parallel simultaneous action. In Fatal Attraction, for example, the intercut climax shows main character Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) downstairs in the kitchen, trying to fgure out why the ceiling is dripping, even as his psychotic mistress Alex (Glenn Close) is upstairs attempting to murder his wife in the bathtub. You may not have much call for intercutting if you're just making home movies, especially because it's deliberately artifcial. Everybody knows you've got only one camcorder, and therefore the events you're depicting couldn't have taken place simul- taneously. But even if you're making movies that tell a story, you'll fnd this technique an exciting one when you're trying to build suspense. Popular Editing Techniques chapter10:professionaleditingtechniques 271