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Modern Film Theory > Modern Film Theory - Pg. 264

The Power of Editing Editing boils down to choosing which shots you want to include, how long each one lasts, and in what order they should play. Modern Film Theory When you're creating a rock video or an experimental flm, you can safely chuck all the advice in this chapter--and in this book. But if you aspire to make good "normal" movies, ones that are designed to engage or delight your viewers rather than shock or mystify them, then you should become familiar with the fundamental principles of flm editing that shape virtually every Hollywood movie (and even most student and independent flms) of the last 75 years. For example: Tell the story chronologically Most movies tell the story from beginning to end. This part is probably instinct, even when you're making home movies. Arrange your clips roughly in chronological order, except when you're representing your characters' fashbacks and memories or deliberately playing a chronology game, as in Pulp Fiction. DV ETHICS