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In any case, here are three ways to get digital movies into an iMovie project: · If they're lying on your hard drive, choose FileImport (Shift-c-I). In the Open File dialog box, navigate to and open the QuickTime movie you want to import. · If you used iPhoto 5 to import the movies, you'll fnd them nestled among the still photos in iMovie's Photos pane. See Figure 9-9 for details. · With movies stored in iPhoto, you can also drag the thumbnails out of that program's window and into the Clips pane or Movie Track of iMovie. (Of course, you have to frst position the windows so that you can see both at once.) It may take iMovie some time to process the incoming movie. Behind the scenes, it's converting the QuickTime movie into DV format, just like the clips that come from your camcorder. A progress bar keeps you posted. When it's complete, a new clip appears in your Clips pane, which you can manipulate just as you would any movie clip. Importing QuickTime Movies Using the Imported QuickTime Clip It's worth noting that most of the world's QuickTime movies aren't big enough, in terms of frame size, to fll your entire monitor. In fact, most of the world's QuickTime movies--like all the ones on the Web--play in a window only a couple of inches