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Importing QuickTime Movies Importing QuickTime Movies iMovie can import more than still images. It can also import existing digital movies, which you can then incorporate into your footage. Maybe you've created such QuickTime movies yourself, using other Macs or other software. Maybe you've grabbed a QuickTime movie from a CD-ROM or Web site. Or maybe you've used a digital still camera's Movie mode to grab some short scenes. Figure 9-9: Any digital movies that you've imported using iPhoto show up right here among the still photos in the Photos panel. The little camera icon lets you know which ones are movies. You can double-click one of the thumbnails to play the movie right in place--a neat trick. Of course, you can't apply the Ken Burns effect to one of these digital-camera movies. You can, however, drag one of these into place on your Movie Track, where it becomes a standard video clip. Movies from iPhoto