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Exporting a Still Frame > Exporting a Still Frame - Pg. 258

Creating Still Images from Footage Exporting a Still Frame While it's convenient to be able to grab a frame from your footage for use in the same movie (as a freeze-frame, for example), you may sometimes fnd it useful to export a frame to your hard drive as a graphics fle. You can use such exported images in any way you use graphics--for emailing to friends, installing on your desktop as a background picture, posting on a Web page, and so on. An exported frame also makes a neat piece of "album art" that you can print out and slip into the plastic case of a homemade DVD. This feature is, after all, the reason that most iMovie fans don't really care about the built-in still-photo features of DV camcorders. Basically, iMovie can create still images from any frame of regular video footage. It's worth noting, however, that the maximum resolution for a digital video frame--the number of dots that compose the image--is 640 across, 480 down. (By this time in the chapter, these numbers have probably become engraved into your cerebrum.) As digital photos go, that's pretty pathetic, on a par with the photos taken by camera phones these days. That's one-third of a megapixel--a pretty puny number compared with the shots from today's three- to eight-megapixel cameras. The resolution problem