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Here's how you do it. (These steps assume that you're creating a still frame from a clip that you've already placed in the Movie Track. It's possible, however, to create a still frame from a clip that's still in the Clips pane.) 1.PositionthePlayheadontheframeyouwantfrozen. If it's the last shot of a clip, use the right and left arrow keys to make sure you're seeing the fnal frame. 2.ChooseEditCreateStillFrame(Shift-c-S). iMovie places a new clip either in your Clips pane or at the end of the Movie Track, depending on how you've set up the iMoviePreferences dialog box. It's a still image, set to play for fve seconds--but it's not the same kind of still photo you're used to. None of the controls in the Photos palette, for example, has any effect on a Still, as iMovie calls it. You can't apply the Ken Burns effect to it, for example. If you created this still clip from the fnal frame of a clip, proceed to the next step. If you created this clip from the middle of a clip, however, you should now choose EditSplit Clip at Playhead. You've just chopped up the clip at the precise source of the still clip, resulting in two side-by-side clips in your Movie Track. Delete the right-hand clip. 3.Dragthestillclipjusttotherightoftheoriginalclip(Figure9-6). If you play back the result, you'll be impressed at how smoothly and professionally iMovie joins the frozen frame onto the moving footage; there's not even a hint of a seam as the Playhead slides from clip to still. Figure 9-6: A creative way to end a movie: Chop up the fnal clip and slow down each piece, fnally coming to rest on your still image. Creating Still Images from Footage 4.Adjustthestill'splaybackduration,ifnecessary. Fortunately, iMovie HD treats still frames the same way it treats video clips. You can change its duration just by dragging its edges in the Timeline Viewer. Or, for more precision, double-click the still frame. In the Clip Info dialog box, change the number in the Duration box, and then click OK. Figuring out how to handle the audio in such situations is up to you, since a still frame has no sound. That's a good argument for starting your closing-credits music during the fnal clip and making it build to a crescendo for the fnal freeze-frame. chapter9:stillpicturesandquicktimemovies 257