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Creating a Still Frame > Creating a Still Frame - Pg. 257

Here's how you do it. (These steps assume that you're creating a still frame from a clip that you've already placed in the Movie Track. It's possible, however, to create a still frame from a clip that's still in the Clips pane.) 1.PositionthePlayheadontheframeyouwantfrozen. If it's the last shot of a clip, use the right and left arrow keys to make sure you're seeing the fnal frame. 2.ChooseEditCreateStillFrame(Shift-c-S). iMovie places a new clip either in your Clips pane or at the end of the Movie Track, depending on how you've set up the iMoviePreferences dialog box. It's a still image, set to play for fve seconds--but it's not the same kind of still photo you're used to. None of the controls in the Photos palette, for example, has any effect on a Still, as iMovie calls it. You can't apply the Ken Burns effect to it, for example. If you created this still clip from the fnal frame of a clip, proceed to the next step. If you created this clip from the middle of a clip, however, you should now choose EditSplit Clip at Playhead. You've just chopped up the clip at the precise source of the still clip, resulting in two side-by-side clips in your Movie Track. Delete the Creating Still Images from Footage