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Still Images as Titles frame in the next section.) Import the frozen shot into your graphics program, like AppleWorks or Photoshop Elements. Then add the text you want. Finally, import this touched-up image into iMovie as a still image. Place it at the precise frame in your footage from which you exported the still frame to begin with, and you've got your freeze-frame title effect. Tip: If you don't need the added typographical fexibility of your graphics program, you can simplify this procedure by simply creating a freeze-frame, as described on the previous page, and then using iMovie's built-in title feature to add the text over it. The Layered Effect In many cases, the most creative use of still-image titles comes from using several of them, each building on the last. For example, you can make the main title appear, hold for a moment, and then transition into a second still graphic on which a subtitle appears. If you have more time on your hands, you can use this trick to create simple animations. Suppose you were to create ten different title cards, all superimposed on the same background, but each with the words in a different size or position. If you were to place each title card on the screen for only half a second (15 frames), joined by very fast