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The Ken Burns Effect Editing or Removing the Ken Burns Effect If a photo clip requires adjustment, touching it up is easy enough. Select it in the Movie Track (or wherever it is). Click the Photos button (if the Photos pane isn't already open). Click Start or End, and reprogram the Ken Burns effect just as you did the frst time around. (Feel free to edit the duration, too.) When you're fnished, click Update. iMovie dutifully re-renders the clip with its new settings. And what if you want the photo to return to its original, virginal condition? In that case, click the Start button. Drag the Zoom slider all the way to the left, which both re-centers the photo and restores it to its original size. Click the End button and repeat. Finally, click the Update button. Cropping or Moving a Photo Without Animating It If you decide that a certain still photo really should be still, click the clip in the Movie Track, turn off the Ken Burns Effect checkbox, and then click Update. The photo is now frozen at its frst frame, at the same zoom and position it had when the Ken Burns checkbox was still turned on. What's neat is even when the Ken Burns effect is turned off, the Zoom slider and the little "move my photo around the frame" cursor still work. In other words, you can use the Ken Burns control to enlarge, crop, or shift a still photo without animating it.