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Applying the Ken Burns Effect > Applying the Ken Burns Effect - Pg. 252

The Ken Burns Effect Among the most famous practitioners of this art is Ken Burns, the creator of PBS documentaries like The Civil War and Baseball--which is why Apple, with his per- mission, named the feature after him. You can endow any still graphics fle with this kind of motion, either at the moment when you place it or import it from your hard drive, or anytime thereafter. Applying the Ken Burns Effect In this example, you'll animate a photo that's in the iPhoto palette. 1.Selectthephoto. Actually, you can select more than one, to process all of them in the same way. 2.TurnontheKenBurnsEffectcheckboxatthetopofthewindow.Specifyhow longyouwantthepicturetoremainonscreen. Figure 9-5: Top: To set up the Ken Burns effect, establish the position and zoom level of the Start and End