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The Dimensions of an iMovie Graphic That question implies that you're thinking of changing them--reducing their resolu- tion from their multi-megapixel original state--and that's generally a bad idea. iMovie can use all the resolution it can get, especially if you intend to give the photos the Ken Burns treatment or edit them for HDTV. A better question is: "What proportions should my photo have?" If your photos don't have precisely the dimensions iMovie expects, you'll get letterbox bars, as shown in Figure 9-4. Until iMovie HD came along, iMovie expected photos to have 4:3 width-to-height proportions to avoid letterboxing. That was just fne for most people, because 4:3 is exactly how photos come from most digital cameras. As of iMovie 5.0.1, though, something strange is going on. A perfect 4:3 photo does not perfectly fll the standard-defnition 4:3 iMovie screen. Instead, it leaves tiny vertical letterbox bars on the sides. To make the bars go away, you have to use the Ken Burns effect to enlarge the photo slightly--1.06 on the Size slider (for standard DV projects), to be exact. Note: To make this technique work, click the photo in the Photos pane, then use the Size slider to specify 1.06--don't try typing it into the little box. (The type-into-the-box thing only sometimes works, as thousands have unhappily discovered.)