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The Dimensions of an iMovie Photo > The Dimensions of an iMovie Photo - Pg. 249

Update button just above those controls. (The Update button appears only when a single photo is selected. You can't change the timings of multiple photos at once.) If you haven't applied the Ken Burns effect (described later in this chapter), you can also change a photo's duration by double-clicking it and then typing a new duration into the Clip Info box. Using this method, you save yourself a click on the Photos button. Tip: If you've used still images in your movie, don't even think about turning your project into a DVD until you've read the troubleshooting steps on page 489. Otherwise, you'll wind up with very jagged photos. Importing Still Images The Dimensions of an iMovie Photo On the iMovie discussion forums of the Web, the question comes up over and over again: "What resolution should my iMovie-bound photos be?" Figure 9-4: If the dimensions of your graphic aren't in the exact width-to-height ratio that