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forward-delete (Del) key (if your keyboard has one) to delete the number to the right of it. · Double-click the portion of the number you want to change. For example, if a clip's Duration box says 10:00 (10 seconds), double-click the 10 to highlight it, type the new number (such as 07), and press Enter. (You must type a leading zero in front of a single-digit number, or else you'll get an error message.) In other words, when effciency counts, don't waste your time deleting the numbers that are already in the Duration box. Instead, double-click only the portion of it you want to change, and then type right over the highlighted digits. · Similarly, if you want to change both the seconds and the frames, drag directly across the right pair of numbers in the box. Type the new duration--seconds, a colon, and then frames--and then press Enter. · If you highlight the entire Duration box (by pressing c-A, for example, or by choosing EditSelect All), you can rapidly specify the new duration by just typing up the whole thing, including the colon, like this: 05:15. Phase 2: Specify the Ken Burns effect If you turn on the Ken Burns Effect checkbox at the top of the Photos panel, you Importing Still Images