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Importing Still Images Once you've pinpointed the picture you want, you install it in your movie like this: Phase 1: Specify the duration Because you're importing a still image, it doesn't have a duration, as a movie clip might. (Asking "How many seconds long is a photograph?" is like asking, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?") Still, it's a clip, so iMovie has to assign it some duration. You can make your graphic appear on the screen for as little as three frames (a favorite of subliminal advertisers) all the way up to 30 seconds (a favorite of all other advertisers). There's a fast way and a precise way to change this number. The fast way is to drag the rabbit/turtle slider shown in Figure 9-3. Tip: When you get right down to it, 30 seconds is plenty of time for looking at one particular photo, no matter how good it is. Still, if you need it to last longer--perhaps because you're using it as a background for a series of opening credits--you can always overcome the 30-second limit by placing the same photo into the Movie Track over and over again, side by side, 30 seconds long each. Figure 9-3: