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Snagging Pictures from iPhoto The more you work with iMovie and iDVD, the more you appreciate the convenience of the way Apple has linked them to the other i-programs, like iTunes and iPhoto. Here's a classic case: When you click the Photos button (Figure 9-2), you're shown what amounts to iPhoto Lite: a scrolling panel of thumbnail images refecting the contents of your entire iPhoto Library. Using the pop-up menu just above the thumbnails, you can even limit your view to the contents of one iPhoto album or folder. Tip: Albums are the category "containers" that you can create in iPhoto by choosing FileNew Album (or by clicking the + button at the lower-left corner). You can drag a single picture into as many of these albums as you like. Folders are larger structures that let you group albums together. Complete details in iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual. Importing Still Images Figure 9-2: The photo panel shows all the pictures you've imported into iPhoto. Use the Al- bum list pop-up menu to limit the photo display to those in a certain album or Photo panel