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Snagging Pictures from iPhoto The more you work with iMovie and iDVD, the more you appreciate the convenience of the way Apple has linked them to the other i-programs, like iTunes and iPhoto. Here's a classic case: When you click the Photos button (Figure 9-2), you're shown what amounts to iPhoto Lite: a scrolling panel of thumbnail images refecting the contents of your entire iPhoto Library. Using the pop-up menu just above the thumbnails, you can even limit your view to the contents of one iPhoto album or folder. Tip: Albums are the category "containers" that you can create in iPhoto by choosing FileNew Album (or by clicking the + button at the lower-left corner). You can drag a single picture into as many of these albums as you like. Folders are larger structures that let you group albums together. Complete details in iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual. Importing Still Images Figure 9-2: The photo panel shows all the pictures you've imported into iPhoto. Use the Al- bum list pop-up menu to limit the photo display to those in a certain album or folder. (The dark gray readout at the lower right tells you how many pictures are in that album or folder--or in your entire library, if that's what you're seeing.) Note the Search box, which debuts in iMovie HD. As you type into it, iMovie smoothly hides all photos except the ones whose names contain matching text. It's an amazingly quick way to pin- point one photo out of several thousand. To clear the search box and return to viewing all photos, click the circled X button at the right end of the box. Thumbnails Ken Burns controls Photo panel Album list Search box chapter9:stillpicturesandquicktimemovies 245