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Extracting Audio from Video > Extracting Audio from Video - Pg. 241

It's important to note that iMovie never actually removes the audio from a video clip. You'll never be placed into the frantic situation of wishing that you'd never done the extraction at all, unable to sync the audio and video together again (which sometimes happens in "more powerful" video-editing programs). Instead, iMovie places a copy of the audio into the audio track. The original video clip actually retains its original audio--but iMovie sets its volume slider to zero, thereby muting it. As a result, you can extract audio from the same clip over and over again, if you like. iMovie simply spins out another copy of the audio each time. (When you extract audio, the video clip, too, sprouts a pushpin, but don't let that fool you. It's perfectly legal to extract the audio again.) If you intend to use the extracted audio elsewhere in the movie without silencing the original clip, no problem. Just click the video clip and then drag the volume pop-up menu back up to 100% once again. Extracting Audio from Video