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Performing the Overlay > Performing the Overlay - Pg. 238

Overlaying Video over Sound 4.Ifyouwanttopastetoft,highlighttheportionofthemoviethatyouwantthe pastedvideotoreplace.ThenchooseAdvancedPasteOveratPlayhead. To select the region that your paste will replace, you can use any of the techniques described in Chapter 4. If you want to knock out only a portion of a single clip, for example, click the clip in the Movie Track and then use the Scrubber bar crop handles to isolate the section that will be replaced (Figure 8-13, bottom). If you want to paste into a segment that spans multiple clips (or parts of clips), choose EditSelect None, and then use the cropping handles on the entire Scrubber bar map of your movie. When you paste, one of three things may happen. If the pasted material is precisely the same length as the region you've highlighted, great...the pasted chunk drops perfectly into the hole. If the pasted material is longer than the highlighted region, however, iMovie chops off the pasted portion, using as much of the frst portion as possible to ft the area you've designated. And if the pasted material is too short to fll the reserved space, iMovie creates a "black" clip (see page 140) to fll the remaining highlighted area. Figure 8-13: Before