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Performing the Overlay > Performing the Overlay - Pg. 237

If this checkbox is turned on, you'll paste only the video, preserving whatever audio is already on your audio tracks. If the checkbox is turned off, you'll wipe out both the audio and the video in the spot where you paste. Close the Preferences window. You're now ready to paste over. Overlaying Video over Sound Performing the Overlay To perform the video overlay, follow these steps: 1.Selectthefootageyouwanttopaste. If it's a complete clip, just highlight its icon on the Clips pane or in the Movie Track. If it's a portion of a clip, use the crop markers to specify the part you want, as described on page 131. 2.Cutorcopytheselectedfootage. Use the EditCut or EditCopy commands. Now you have to make an important decision. You're about to paste some copied video over some existing video. But how much of it do you want to paste? You can either "paste to ft" so that the pasted video begins and ends at precise frames, flling a hole in the existing footage of a particular length; or you can paste it all,