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Editing Audio Clips Another tactic: When you click a clip, iMovie always selects the shortest one in the stack. If you have two overlapping audio clips, therefore, and you intend to select the longer one, click one of its visible ends. Remember, too, to glance at the top of the Timeline Viewer as you click each audio clip. You'll see its name (if you've turned off the soundwaves, that is), which is another helpful clue when clips collide. Scrubbing Audio Clips Scrubbing once meant rotating reel-to-reel tapes back and forth manually, in an effort to fnd a precise spot in the audio (to make a clean splice, for example). In iMovie HD, you can scrub by Option-dragging your mouse back and forth across an audio clip. iMovie plays the sound under your cursor. (This technique is extremely useful, but it works best when you're zoomed in and dragging very slowly. Note that Option is called Alt on some non­U.S. keyboards.) Overlaying Video over Sound One of the most popular editing techniques--both with editors and audiences--is the video overlay. (On the Internet, you may hear this technique called an insert edit,