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Moving an Audio Clip You can drag audio clips around in their tracks just as you would video clips, or even back and forth between the two audio tracks. In fact, because precision is often so important in positioning audio relative to the video, iMovie harbors a few useful shortcuts. For example, whenever you drag an audio clip, the Playhead magnetically attaches itself to the beginning of the clip. As you drag, therefore, you get to watch the video in the Monitor window, corresponding to the precise moment where the sound begins. Once the clip is highlighted, don't forget that you can press the left and right arrow keys to move it one frame at a time, or Shift-arrow keys to slide it 10 frames at a time. Even then, you'll see your exact position in the video by watching the Monitor window. As a matter of fact, you can combine these two tricks. Once the Playhead is aligned with either end of a clip, you can press the arrow keys, or Shift-arrow, to move the Playhead and drag the audio clip along with it. You'll feel like the audio is somehow Velcroed to the Playhead. Editing Audio Clips Superimposing Audio Clips iMovie may seem to offer only two parallel audio tracks, but that doesn't mean you