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Editing Audio Clips Splitting an Audio Clip When you drag an audio clip's ends inward, you're not actually trimming the clip. You're simply shortening the audible portion of the full-length clip. At any time in your project's lifetime, if you decide that you've overshot, you can slide the clip ends back outward again. However, you may have good reason to make the cropped-clip arrangement per- manent. First, in complex audio tracks, your clips can become cluttered and diffcult to "read," thanks to the duplicate clip ends. Second, dragging the ends of clips inward doesn't reduce the amount of disk space that your audio fle uses, since iMovie hangs onto the full original in case you decide to uncrop it. There is an alternative, however. You may remember reading about the power of the EditSplit Clip at Playhead command, which uses the current Playhead location as a razor blade that chops a video clip in two. In the Timeline Viewer, the equivalent command is called Split Selected Audio Clip at Playhead. As you'd expect, it breaks the audio clip beneath the Playhead into two independent clips. Tip: If your Edit menu doesn't list a command called Split Selected Audio Clip at Playhead, it's because your Playhead isn't in the middle part of a highlighted audio clip. If no audio clip is selected, or if the Playhead's vertical insertion point isn't running through it, the command says Split Video Clip instead (and has a very