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makes iMovie realign the clip with a new video frame, lining up the pushpin accord- ingly. (If you cut the audio clip and then paste it into a new location, it forgets both its original video-clip spouse and the fact that it was ever "married" to begin with. After pasting, it's pushpin-free.) To unlock an audio clip, highlight it and then choose AdvancedUnlock Audio Clip (or press c-L again). Editing Audio Clips Cropping an Audio Clip As you may remember from Chapter 5, the ability to crop, or chop the ends off a video clip, is one of the key tools in video editing. As it turns out, you can adjust the beginning or ending points of any audio clip even more conveniently. Tip: If you use the Extract Audio command described on page 239, you can even crop the original camcorder audio in this way, without cropping the video clip in the process. Doing so is a convenient way to trim out an audio glitch that appears at the beginning or end of a shot without having to crop the video clip. You can shorten one of your music or narration clips from either the beginning or the end, just by dragging the corresponding end inward, as shown in Figure 8-10. Figure 8-10: You can shorten an audio clip without actually deleting any of it, just by dragging the edges inward (shown here before and after). Does this sound familiar? It can do the same thing with video clips. At any time, you can restore the original length, or part of it, by dragging the edge outward again. (Note, though, that edge dragging doesn't work if Show Clip Volume Levels is turned on in the View menu.) For fner adjustments, click one of the clip ends, so that the Playhead snaps to your cursor. Then press the right or left arrow key to move the handle in one-frame incre- ments, or--if you press Shift as you do so--in 10-frame increments. You might want to zoom in, using the Zoom slider at the left side of the window, if you're fnding it hard to see the effects of your cropping maneuvers. Note: As you drag the audio-clip crop handles inward or outward, any volume fuctuations you've added remain exactly where they were--which means that they might just wind up in nowhere-land. You might drag the end point of a clip so far to the left that you'll never hear the fuctuations you had programmed for the very end of the clip. If your volume fuctuations seem to be missing, turn on View Show Clip Volume Levels to make your volume graph reappear. You'll see the problem right away. chapter8:narration,music,andsound 233