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Cropping an Audio Clip > Cropping an Audio Clip - Pg. 233

makes iMovie realign the clip with a new video frame, lining up the pushpin accord- ingly. (If you cut the audio clip and then paste it into a new location, it forgets both its original video-clip spouse and the fact that it was ever "married" to begin with. After pasting, it's pushpin-free.) To unlock an audio clip, highlight it and then choose AdvancedUnlock Audio Clip (or press c-L again). Editing Audio Clips Cropping an Audio Clip As you may remember from Chapter 5, the ability to crop, or chop the ends off a video clip, is one of the key tools in video editing. As it turns out, you can adjust the beginning or ending points of any audio clip even more conveniently. Tip: If you use the Extract Audio command described on page 239, you can even crop the original camcorder audio in this way, without cropping the video clip in the process. Doing so is a convenient way to trim out an audio glitch that appears at the beginning or end of a shot without having to crop the video clip. You can shorten one of your music or narration clips from either the beginning or the end, just by dragging the corresponding end inward, as shown in Figure 8-10.