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Locking Audio Clips to Video > Locking Audio Clips to Video - Pg. 232

Editing Audio Clips · If the Playhead isn't anywhere near the highlighted audio clip, iMovie simply locks the beginning of the highlighted audio clip to the video frame it's currently aligned with. · If you've highlighted several audio clips, once again, iMovie "pushpins" the be- ginning of each clip at its present video location. Aligned Figure 8-9: Top: You've carefully lined up a barking sound effect with the beginning of the dog clip. Second from top: Uh-oh. You've selected the clip right before the dog, in preparation for deleting it. Third from top: Now you've done it. You've deleted the clip that was just to the left of the dog. The dog clip slides leftward to close the gap--and leaves the barking sound behind, now hopelessly out of align- ment with the video above it. Bottom: If you had remembered to lock the barking clip to the video above it, as indicated by the tiny pushpins, the sound effect would have slid to the left along with the dog clip, remaining perfectly in sync.