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that all of the music excerpts you've grabbed from a CD are too loud compared to the camcorder audio. In one fell swoop, you can make them all softer. You can select as many as you want, even if they're on different audio tracks. Start by selecting the clips you want to affect: · To select several non-consecutive clips, Shift-click them in any order: clip 1, clip 3, and so on. (Actually, c-clicking works, too.) · To select several connecting clips, drag-select. That is, begin dragging in any empty part of a track. As you drag, iMovie selects any audio clip that even partly falls within the light gray rectangle you're creating. · To select all of the clips in both audio tracks, highlight one clip there. Then choose EditSelect All. · To unhighlight a selected clip, Shift-click or c-click it. Now when you adjust the "Clip:" volume pop-up menu, you're affecting all of the highlighted clips at once. (If you've fddled around with the clips' rubber-band volume lines, adjusting the volume slider scales the volume of the whole thing up or down proportionally, maintaining the relative sizes of the fuctuations.) Note: When several audio clips are highlighted, the volume pop-up menu refects whichever clip has the highest volume level. Editing Audio Clips Locking Audio Clips to Video Figure 8-9 illustrates a serious problem that results from trying to line up certain video moments (like Bill-Gates-getting-hit-with-a-pie footage) with particular audio moments (like a "Splat!" sound effect). In short, when you insert or delete some video footage after lining up audio clips with specifc video moments, you shove everything out of alignment, sometimes without even realizing it. This syndrome can rear its ugly head in many video-editing programs. You may wind up playing a frustrating game of fnd-the-frame, over and over again, all the way through the movie, as you try to redo all of your careful audio/video alignments. In iMovie, the solution is especially elegant. Whenever you place an audio clip that you'd like to keep aligned with a video moment, get it into position and then lock it by choosing AdvancedLock Audio Clip at Playhead (or press c-L). What happens next depends on how you've set things up: · If you've dragged or nudged the Playhead to the frame you care most about, iMovie locks the audio to the video at that frame, as indicated by the little pushpin (see Figure 8-9). Even if you later trim away some footage from the beginning part of the video clip, the sync moment remains intact. chapter8:narration,music,andsound 231