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Adjusting Many Clips at Once > Adjusting Many Clips at Once - Pg. 230

Editing Audio Clips Tip: When you're fnished editing volume fuctuations, you can turn off the View Show Clip Volume Levels command again. iMovie will remember all of the changes that you've made, and you'll still hear the volume changes on playback. But iMovie hides all of the handles and rubber-band graph lines, making it possible once again to drag clip edges to shorten them (which you can't do while volume graphs are visible). Figure 8-8: Top: The horizontal line represents the audio clip's standard, 100% volume level. Sup- pose, in this case, that it's drowning out the spoken dialog in the video track above it. (That's a pretty common occurrence when you add, say, a pop song to your movie as a soundtrack.) Second from top: As you drag the little "knot" vertically, you have two sources of feedback on how much you've increased or decreased the volume at that spot: the height of the line segment itself (in which the purple clip itself is the piece of graph paper, from 0% to 150%), and the number in the "Clip:" percentage box.