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Volume Adjustments Within a Clip > Volume Adjustments Within a Clip - Pg. 228

Editing Audio Clips Here are some pointers in this regard: · You can also type a percentage number into the "Clip:" text box. This isn't a feature only for the obsessively precise; it's a useful way to make sure that each of several audio clips are boosted to the same degree. · iMovie stores your Volume pop-up menu settings independently for every audio clip. That's why the Volume setting may seem to jump around as you click different audio clips. · If even 150 percent isn't enough of a volume boost, you can always open the audio clip in GarageBand for a quick boost. Drag the clip from the Finder into a waiting Real Instrument (blue) track, bump up the track's volume, export the result to iTunes, and then reimport the newly amplifed fle into iMovie. Figure 8-7: If you set the volume pop-up all the way to 0, you mute the sound completely--for this clip only. If you drag it all the way to the top, you actually boost the volume up to 150%--a terrifc way to compen- sate for weak camcorder microphones.