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Adding or Removing Sound Effects > Adding or Removing Sound Effects - Pg. 226

Sound Effects Using a Sound Effect You add a sound to your audio tracks exactly the way you add an iTunes tune--either by clicking the Place at Playhead button or by dragging the effect's name into either of the audio tracks in the Timeline Viewer. As your cursor moves over a track, the Playhead--accompanied by a cool, fading-out purple stripe--helps you see precisely where the sound will begin. Once placed there, the sound effect appears as a horizontal purple bar, just like any other sound clip. (If the sound effect is very short, you may have to zoom in to see it as a bar, using the Zoom slider at the left edge of the screen.) A sound-effect clip behaves like any other sound clip. You can edit its volume in any of the ways described in "Editing Audio Clips," later in this chapter. You can slide it from side to side in the track to adjust where it begins, and even shorten, crop, or split it. Adding or Removing Sound Effects The list of sound effects in the Sounds palette isn't magical. It's simply a listing of the sound fles that came with iMovie. If you know the secret, you can open a special folder and delete, move out, or rename your sound effects--or even install new ones. 1.QuitiMovie.IntheFinder,openyourApplicationsfolder.Control-clicktheiMovie icon;fromthecontextualmenu,chooseShowPackageContents.