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That's why, after a moment, iMovie automatically begins to download the list of songs on your CD, assuming that you're online. (iTunes may also open auto- matically, depending on how you've set up the CDs & DVDs panel in System Pref- erences.) Behind the scenes, it's consulting the Gracenote Internet CD database--a worldwide repository of track and album information. After a few moments, switch back into iMovie. You'll see that both the track names and the name of the album have now been typed in for you. You'll also notice that the pop-up menu above the Audio palette has changed to identify the name of the album. 3.Findthesongyouwant. To do so, double-click one of the songs in the scrolling list (or click a song and then click the Play triangle button below the list). Click the Play triangle again to stop the music. Unfortunately, there's no way to fast-forward. 4.Insertthesongintooneofyouraudiotracks. You can use either of the techniques identifed in the previous step 3 (page 223). Either click the Place at Playhead button beneath the song list, or drag the song name out of the list and into position on one of your audio tracks. A progress bar appears as iMovie copies the song fle off the CD and into your project's Media folder. When it's fnished, you'll see a new colored bar in your audio track representing the imported song and bearing its name. When you're fnished importing music, you're free to eject the CD (by holding down the Eject button on your keyboard, for example), insert another one, and nab another selection of music. iMovie no longer requires the frst CD. CD Music Sound Effects There's more to a movie soundtrack than music, goodness knows. Fortunately, iMovie also comes with a juicy collection of sound effects, suitable for dropping into your movies. If you choose iMovie Sound Effects from the pop-up menu at the top of the Audio palette, you'll fnd two fippy triangles, each denoting a collection of professional sound effects. (You don't have to click the triangle to see its contents; you can click directly on the collection's name.) One, called Skywalker Sound Effects, is named for the Hollywood sound studio from which Apple licensed the effects (Birds, Cold Wind, Creek, and so on)--a list that's been expanded in iMovie HD. The other, Standard Sound Effects, contains the sounds that began life in iMovie 3 (Alarm, Bark, Crickets, and so on). Across from each sound's name, you see its length, expressed in the minutes:seconds format. chapter8:narration,music,andsound 225