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Importing iTunes Music Try dragging the Playhead back to the beginning of the music bar and pressing the Space bar to play it. If it doesn't have quite the effect you thought it would, click the newly placed music's bar and then press the Delete key, to make room for your next experiment. CD Music If you don't use iTunes to organize your music, you can also snag a track or two directly from an audio CD. You just insert your favorite music CD (Carly Simon, Rolling Stones, the Cleveland Orchestra, or whatever), choose the track you want to swipe, and the deed is done. Here's the procedure: 1.OpentheAudiopanel,ifitisn'talreadyopen. Do so by clicking the Audio button shown in Figure 8-3. 2.InsertthemusicCDintoyourMac. After a moment, a list of songs on the CD appears in the list (Figure 8-5).