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3.Placethemusicintooneofyouraudiotracks. You can go about this in either of two ways. If the Playhead is already parked where you want the music to begin (you can take this opportunity to move it, if you like), just click the song name and then click the Place at Playhead button beneath the song list. iMovie takes a moment to deposit the entire song, beginning at the point you've indicated. You can also drag the song name directly out of the list and down into the Timeline Viewer. As long as you don't release the mouse button, and as long as the cursor is in one of the two audio tracks, you'll see that you can simultaneously move the Playhead and position the beginning of the song at just the right spot. Release the mouse when the song looks like it's in the right place. (On the other hand, you can always adjust the starting point of the music after you've placed it, by dragging its audio-clip stripe horizontally.) Depending on the length of the song you've selected, the importing process can take 30 seconds or more. That's how long it takes for iMovie to copy the iTunes track into a new audio fle (in your project's Media folder). When it's complete, a new colored bar appears in the audio track, labeled with the song name. Importing iTunes Music