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·UsetheUndocommand. Finally, don't forget that you can always use the Edit Undo command several times in succession. If you delete the frst take, rerecord, then decide that you preferred the original take, just choose EditUndo Record from Microphone, and then choose Undo Clear. In fact, if you can keep your takes straight, you can utilize the unlimited Undo command to try several different takes. You can edit and adjust the resulting sound clip just as you can other sounds in iMovie. See "Editing Audio Clips" later in this chapter for details. Recording Narration Importing iTunes Music Nothing adds emotional impact to a piece of video like music. Slow, romantic music makes the difference between a sad story and one that actually makes viewers cry. Fast, driving music makes viewers' hearts beat faster--scientists have proven it. Music is so integral to movies these days that, as you walk out of the theater, you may not even be aware that a movie had music, but virtually every movie does, and you were emotionally manipulated by it. Home movies are no exception. Music adds a new dimension to your movie, so much so that some iMovie fans edit to music. They choose a song, lay it down in the