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Recording Narration 4.Clicktheround,redRecordVoicebuttonandbegintospeak. You can watch the video play as you narrate. Note: If the level meter isn't dancing as you speak, the problem may be that your Mac is paying attention to the wrong audio input. Choose aSystem Preferences, and click the Sound icon. Click the Input tab, then click the microphone input that you want to use. When you're done, quit System Preferences. If the level meter bars are dancing, but not farther than halfway across the graph (see Figure 8-3), then your narration isn't loud enough. On playback, it'll probably be drowned out by the camcorder audio track. To increase the volume, open System Preferences, click Sound, and click the Input tab to make sure that your input volume slider is at maximum. If that's not the problem, your only options are to lean closer to the microphone, speak louder, or use an external microphone. (You can learn tricks for boosting the volume of audio tracks later in this chapter, but it's much better to get the level right the frst time.) 5.ClickStoptocompletetherecording. Now a new stripe appears in the upper soundtrack, already highlighted, bearing