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(see Chapter 9). Realtors feature camcorder footage of houses under consideration, while narrating the key features that can't be seen ("Built in 1869, this house was extensively renovated in 1880..."). And it doesn't take much imagination to see how lawyers can exploit iMovie. Recording Narration Preparing to Record Your Mac's microphone takes one of two forms: built-in or external. The built-in mike, a tiny hole in the facade of the iMac, eMac, or PowerBook, couldn't be more convenient--it's always with you, and always turned on. If your Mac doesn't have a built-in microphone, you can plug in an external USB microphone (see the Apple Products Guide at or a standard microphone with the help of an adapter (like the iMic, Making the Recording Here's how you record narration: 1.Clicktheclockiconsothatyou'relookingattheTimelineViewer. You'll do all your audio editing in Timeline view. 2.DragthePlayheadtoaspotjustbeforeyouwantthenarrationtobegin.