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Audio Clips To rename an audio clip, double-click it. The Clip Info box appears, where you can type a new name into the Name box. Listening to a Sound Clip To isolate and listen to a particular audio clip, proceed as shown in Figure 8-2. Tip: Once your movie is playing, you can loop a section of audio (play it repeatedly as you study the effect) by clicking repeatedly in the same spot on the Scrubber bar, keeping the mouse very still. With each click, the Playhead snaps back to replay the segment from the position of your cursor. Recording Narration If anyone ever belittles iMovie for being underpowered, point out an iMovie feature that isn't even available in most expensive video-editing programs: the ability to record narration while you watch your movie play. If your Mac has a microphone, you can easily create any of these effects: ·Createareminiscence. As the footage shows children playing, we hear you saying, "It was the year 2005. It was a time of innocence. Of sunlight. Of children at play. In the years before the Great Asteroid, nobody imagined that one 6-year-old child