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Renaming Sound Clips (or Not) > Renaming Sound Clips (or Not) - Pg. 217

·MP3,WAV,AIFF,andAACfles. iMovie can directly import fles in these popular music formats. You can drag them in from the Finder, use the FileImport com- mand, or bring them in from iTunes. ·MusicfromaCD. You can insert a standard audio CD and transfer a song into iMovie to serve as the music for a scene. ·Yourcamcorderaudio.Youcan turn the ordinarily invisible audio portion of a video clip into an independent sound clip, which you can manipulate just like any other kind of sound clip. This chapter covers all of these sound varieties. Tip: Ordinarily, when playing your movie, iMovie plays the sound in both audio tracks. But you can use the three checkboxes at the right end of these tracks to control which ones play back. When you want to isolate only one track, turn off the other two checkboxes (Figure 8-2). (These checkboxes also govern which soundtracks are exported when you send your fnished iMovie production back to tape or to a QuickTime movie.) The Two iMovie Soundtracks Figure 8-2: A view of the right end of the Timeline Viewer. Drag the Playhead so that the vertical line beneath it strikes the piece of 1. Position the Playhead. 2. Isolate the track.