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The Two iMovie Soundtracks much with this strip when you're editing audio; its primary purpose is to show where you are in the movie. The two horizontal strips underneath it are your playground for audio clips. Both audio tracks are equivalent and each of them can hold sound from any of these sources, which you're free to drag between the two tracks anytime: ·iTunestracks.This, of course, is an example of what makes iLife a suite and not just a handful of separate programs: iMovie's integration with the other Apple programs. As described later in this chapter, iMovie displays your complete iTunes music collection, playlists and all. Adding background music to your fick is easy as can be. ·Narration.This can be anything that you've recorded with your microphone. ·Soundeffects.Choose these from iMovie's Audio palette (gunshots, glass breaking, applause, and so on). Selected clip's name and length Sound tracks Selected audio clip Figure 8-1: Top: In the Timeline Viewer, horizontal strips represent nar- ration, CD tracks, music from