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The iMovie Titles Catalog Here's yet another relative of Cartwheel, Gravity, and Twirl. This time, all the letters begin both out of place and upside down, scattered on an invisible horizontal line like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that have been dumped out of the box. They seemed to wake up, shake it off, right themselves, and dance into proper position. The only difference between the left and right directional arrows is which way the letters spin: clockwise or counterclockwise. (Not one audience member in one million would be able to tell the difference.) Wipe Speed slider: Controls speed of reveal Direction control: Left, right, up, down The Wipe effect is among the most practical of title styles. Your text is revealed by a soft-edged "spotlight" that, unlike the Animated Gradient effect, reveals the entire width or height of the text at once. (You can direct the wiper to reveal your text from any direction: left, right, up, or down.) The effect is smooth, intriguing, and not overbearing. During the pause while the audience reads the title, a hint of the shadow is still there, slightly obscuring one edge of the words. Then the wiper moves on, its trailing edge concealing the text that the forward edge revealed a moment earlier.