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The iMovie Titles Catalog You can make the additional Scrolling Block appear at any moment, even while the previous crawl is still fnishing up its movement; see the box on page 194. The directional arrows let you control whether this roll proceeds downward from the top or upward from the bottom. You're welcome to make your text block scroll downward, but do so with the knowledge that you're doing something unconventional, even unheard of, in the world of flmmaking. Spinner Speed slider: Controls spinning-on/spinning-off time Direction control: None It's taken four versions of iMovie, but at last you can simulate the spinning-newspaper- headline effect made popular by many an old black-and-white movie, not to mention the old Batman TV show of the '60s. Each line of your credits comes spinning out of a dot at the center of the screen, fnally stopping at full size at center so that you can read it. (The Spins slider even lets you control how many times it spins before coming to rest.) At that point, it retreats, spinning right back into the distance again. Tip: The Spinner effect might be more familiar-looking if it would come to a stop and then stay there until the next line spun onto the screen, rather than spinning away again. Of course, if that's what you want, go ahead