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The iMovie Titles Catalog You can opt to have the text scroll down from the top instead (by clicking the direc- tional arrow), although it looks very weird. (A crawl, on the other hand, slides onto the screen from side to side, like the tornado-warning notices that sometimes appear during a TV show. At this writing, iMovie offers no method for creating crawls, much to the disappointment of TV stations in Iowa.) Be careful when using this effect for two reasons. First, remember that 45 seconds is the longest scroll you can create, and iMovie automatically adjusts the speed of scrolling to ft all the names you've typed into the duration you've specifed. You couldn't ft even 10 percent of the closing credits of Titanic into 45 seconds, at least not without scrolling them too fast to read. (On the other hand, you can always use multiple sets of Rolling Credits titles, superimposed if necessary [page 194].) Second, the type is very small, which could be a problem if you intend to save your movie as a QuickTime fle. Rolling Centered Credits