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Far, Far Away Speed slider: Controls fying-on speed Direction control: None Star Wars geeks, rejoice! Now you, too, can simulate the legendary prologue text of the Star Wars movies. Your text appears in a block, huge at the bottom of the screen, and then scrolls up and away, in severe perspective, fading out to blackness in the distance as it approaches the top of the screen. You can't really get away with using this effect for anything but spoofs of the Star Wars movies and tributes to them, because it's so instantly recognizable to just about everyone who's ever been to the movies. But in the right context, and when flled with just the right text, it can be truly hilarious. ("Long, long ago, in a dead-end job far, far away, Larry frst saw Charlene, bent over the Xerox machine as she changed the toner cartridge. Thus began the story of their courtship...") Far Far Away The iMovie Titles Catalog Flying Speed slider: Controls fying-on speed Direction control: Up, down In the Flying Letters effect, the letters of your title (and subtitle, if you've specifed one) fy onto the screen one at a time from the upper-right or lower-right corner of the frame (depending on the directional arrow you click), gradually assembling the phrase you've specifed. If nothing else, this effect is certainly offbeat, but it can quickly get boring if you use it more than once. Flying Letters chapter7:titles,captions,andcredits 203