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Starburst Like Clip Image, this effect flls in your lettering with a single image that stretches across the entire title. In this case, though, you don't get to choose which image you get. Like it or not, it's a sunburst, bright yellow in the middle and fading out, with visible radiating lines, toward the outer edges. The Color box is very important in this case, as it specifes what color the yellow central sunball becomes as its rays reach the outer edges of your words. Starburst The iMovie Titles Catalog Converge Speed slider: Controls letter-movement speed Direction control: Left, right (Converge and Converge Multiple only) As seen on TV--or in any number of artsy serial-killer movies. The title appears with its letter spacing far too wide--and as you watch, the letters slowly glide inward until they're correctly spaced. You get four variations. In Converge (for one line) and Converge Multiple (several pairs), the letters on the right or left side remain essentially stationary during the animation, leaving the letters on the opposite side to do all the movement. In the Multiple version, each completed title blinks out of sight to make way for the next title pair. In Converge to Center and its Multiple variation, the text appears instantly onscreen-- but spaced so widely that the right and left parts of it may even be chopped off by the borders of the frame. They immediately foat inward to the center until they're Converge to Center chapter7:titles,captions,andcredits 201