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The iMovie Titles Catalog Animated Gradient Man, if you're into making mystery movies, you've got your opening credits right here. In this two-toned extravaganza, a moving searchlight seems to be shining out at you from behind the screen, turning the insides of the letters bright yellow as it passes from left to right. It's particularly striking when you turn on the "Over black" checkbox. Clip Image Here's a wild new effect with infnite possibilities. In this variation, iMovie flls the hollow outlines of your lettering with a still image--a graphic or photo. You specify which graphic you want to use by clicking the little File button that magically appears below the Size slider, and then using the Open File dialog box to peruse the contents of your hard drive. If you're just looking for some quick graphic interest, you can choose an interesting photo of texture--a close-up of sandpaper, clouds, or diamonds, for example. If you're aiming for Sundance, you could conceivably spend a few hours in Photoshop creating a more elaborate graphic whose elements are strategically placed to peek out from inside the letters of your title. These could be little silhouetted spy characters, mischievous monkeys, or even tiny words that appear inside the larger letters.