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This twisty title effect sends your title text spinning crazily in all three dimensions, as though it were typeset on a piece of transparent confetti that's tumbling down from the sky. It's not especially easy to read, since for most of the time onscreen, you're reading it in mirror-image, upside-down, or squished. (It never does come to a stop.) Its transparency also fuctuates, permitting more or less of the background video (or background black) to show through the letters. The iMovie Titles Catalog Bounce Across Speed slider: Controls fying-on speed Direction control: Left, right Don't use this effect for anything serious or hard-hitting. It's a light-hearted, almost comical animation in which your title and subtitle come rolling in on invisible roller- coaster tracks, bouncing up and down as they come to rest in the center of the screen. You get an additional control--a Wave slider that controls how high the bounces are, and therefore how dramatic the effect. The Bounce Across Multiple variation (which appears when you open the Bounce Across category name) brings on a second and then a third title or title pair, each coming to rest in the center of the screen and then disappearing to make way for the next wave.