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Inserting and Rendering a Title Yet sure enough, iMovie remembers what your clips looked like before you overlaid a title. You can click a title clip at any time, press the Delete key, and then watch iMovie restore the original footage. True, pressing Delete on a conventional clip deletes it, but pressing Delete on a title clip simply deletes its "titleness." The clip to its right merges back into its formerly text-overlaid portion, leaving only one clip instead of two. Now, if you've moved the clip that follows the title clip, and you then delete the title clip, iMovie will still put back the underlying footage that it consumed, but it may no longer be where you expect it to be. The program can't "splice" the footage back onto the beginning of a clip from which it was split, because iMovie doesn't know where that clip is (you might even have deleted it). If you move the clips back into their original sequence after deleting the title, the footage will still be continuous, but there might now be a cut or break where the title ended, as if you had split the clip at that point. The iMovie Titles Catalog This discussion describes and illustrates each of the title effects available in iMovie. Along the way, you'll fnd out several useful pieces of information about each title: · How the Speed slider affects the effect. · Which directions you can make the text move, if any.